First Impressions: Mekaku City Actors

Artificial Enemy

Mekaku 01

Being one of the most hyped up shows for this Spring season, both by its preexisting fanbase and by Aniplex’s masterful (regardless of how annoying it is) minimalistic marketing, it’s almost unsurprising to see how divisive the reactions to the first episode were. The reasons are a little less easy to pinpoint, though, but a big part of it is perhaps how SHAFT didn’t bother at all with making this accessible for newcomers.

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First Impressions: No Game No Life


So beautiful. Sign me up for this world, please? No Game; No Life was quickly placed into my top 3 to watch this spring purely because of its art style. I’m a sucker for it. I’m browsing previews, and before I actually read about any of them, I choose based on art. It rarely fails me. In this case, it definitely hasn’t.


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First Impressions: Isshuukan Friends

One Week Friends


Alex Normally, I hate shows which use the amnesiac trope as a convenient way to get from A to B. However, the source material here seems to avoid all of that, with many people telling me how good and emotionally heavy it is. Without having actually read the source material myself, I went into this show pretty blind, only knowing the basic plot – every week, the female lead character, Fujimiya Kaori will lose her memories of the past week.

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Beyond the Boundary First Impressions



Justin (1)

Well, I guess I’ll start this off. I went into this show completely blind, and all I can say is that I was gladly impressed with the first episode. Though I feel like not as much as some people. Why am I always so hopelessly optimistic? Continue reading

First Impressions: Rozen Maiden (2013)

Rozen Maiden 2013


AlexYeah, I watched the original, and i’ll be the first to admit I have no clue what happened here. I think it was a recap, and I was able to roughly follow it (regardless of the terrible pacing…I have no idea how much content was here, but it was at least 6 times too much) until it got to that bit at the end, which is where I think it breaks off?

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